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I have over 30 years of experience shooting diverse projects all over the world. But what does that experience really mean to you as a client, producer, or director? Short answer: peace of mind. I’ve shot features, television (both scripted and doc style), commercials, corporate films, web-based projects, and everything else in between (see my bio and film credits). No matter what type of project you are doing, it’s almost certain that I have shot something similar. I understand the conventions, the format, and the guidelines of your project genre. But I can also bring a fresh approach to the material when needed. I bring to each project a valuable collection of problem solving skills, both aesthetic and logistical – all based on the experience gained from shooting literally hundreds of projects on both film and digital formats. I know what to do when the light is fading quickly. I know how to quickly cheat a reverse without relighting. I know what piece of equipment to use that will create an elegant look – on schedule and under budget.

Visual Storytelling

Of course, I can “paint pretty pictures” when needed. Most good cinematographers can. But how will those images cut together to tell a complete story, or enhance appreciation and knowledge of your product? I pride myself on understanding and contributing to the “whole” of the storytelling process. I get what you want. I get what you need. I understand both classical and avant-garde camera composition. I understand screen direction, eye lines, the 180 degree rule. I’m your second pair of eyes. I’ll help solve problems before they occur. I won’t force “my style” on your project. My job is to facilitate the style that you want – or help determine the right style that elevates your project. I know what you mean if you want a “cross-processed” or “bleached by-pass” look – or a “motion strobe” effect to the action. With lighting in particular, I’m well versed in numerous lighting styles based on a solid foundation of experience (I’ve worked with some of Hollywood’s best cinematographers) and my own ongoing experimentation – with an eye on the latest trends. I love challenging and complex lighting, and I equally love the minimalist elegance of simple lighting. If a project dictates the need for available light only, I appreciate and respect that as well.

Collaborative Nature

One of my favorite elements of filmmaking is the process of creating great work collaboratively. I’m a very social person by nature, so I love the give and take aspect of problem solving with others. I always take my work seriously, just not myself. I strive to maintain a balanced ego and an easy-going personality – even when the pressure is on. When selecting crew members for a project, I recognize that personality can be just as important as job skills. I strive to carefully “cast” my support crew with the optimum skills and compatibility that each project requires. I’m proud of the long-term collaborative relationships that I have nurtured and maintained over the years with many directors, producers, and clients. Yet, I also work smoothly and efficiently with new people and new situations. Confident clients have chosen to fly me to 10 countries around the world to photograph their projects.

“Few cinematographers bring so much to the set as Randy Sellars. I’ve worked with Randy for over a decade on over a hundred shoots and his greatest skill may be – listening. He listens keenly to what we are looking for, what we need to deliver, what we have to work with and how long we have to do it in. As an uber-talented DP, his eye is well trained and quite creative. Yet, it’s that ability to assess each new challenge of story, or product, or person and then know just what to do – that is often the most difficult skill to find in a cinematographer. Because of Randy’s many years of working in film, he has transcended the migration to the digital medium with it’s many inherent challenges. He’s able to deliver great looking work on any of the newer digital formats. He’s also an expert in the newest technologies of digital cinema and that’s vital in a world of daily upgrades of camera specs. Certainly his enthusiasm for the process and his talented support crews are vital to the collaborative nature of the work. The fact that I have gone back to the well of his experience and teamwork so many times speaks for itself. I know what is imperative in keeping a client and I can’t keep a client if I can’t dependably deliver great images that surpass expectations – every time. That’s why each new project of mine starts with Randy’s availability.” Visit Brightwater Media
Jon Manning Producer/Director at Brightwater Media

Enthusiasm for the Latest Technology

I started my career shooting film, a format that is technically challenging and aesthetically demanding. I applied the film skills I learned when I embraced HD digital formats as an early adapter. Due to the diversity of my projects and years of experience, I have worked with nearly every camera model used in professional video production. These include everything from DSLR cameras to RED cameras and the Arri Alexa. Endorsed by Sony as an expert with several of their cameras, I have been hired to lead workshops and seminars on new Sony cameras such as the F3 and the FS100. I’m also known for my skills in creating innovative “in camera effects” as well as understanding how to plan and shoot footage that will create seamless visual effects in post production. I’m an expert at lighting and shooting images that require green screens, background plates, and proper perspective with matching elements.

Special Skills